Special Event Parking

All students, staff, faculty, and guests are required to register with Parking Services any vehicle they drive and park on campus and purchase the appropriate color parking permit. Parking rules are enforced every day of the year.

University departments planning to host or authorize any event must contact Parking Services concerning parking availability at least two weeks prior to scheduling the event (and prior to the dissemination of parking information to attendees), and must complete the Special Event Parking Request Form.

Parking Services will contact the requester to discuss which parking facilities may be available, to offer alternative suggestions to accommodate the request, or to deny the request.

All traffic and parking regulations of Texas State University are applicable to the Round Rock Campus. Additional information regarding parking can be found at  https://www.parking.txstate.edu/round-rock.html

The campus parking map as well as directions to the Round Rock Campus can be found below.

If you need immediate parking information or assistance, please call 512.716.4950 during business hours. In the event of emergency, please call 911 immediately.